Centaurus Safe Night After Prom
Around The World
May 2nd 2020

Who are we?

fundraising thermometer For 20+ years parents from Centaurus High School have been hosting an After Prom party for our junior and senior students. After Prom is truly a labor of love and a testament to our community’s caring guardianship of its young people.

After Prom is probably the biggest party that a teenager will ever attend. This year CSNAP is partnering with the Lafayette YMCA and the theme is "Around The World". The decorations will be unbelievable! There will be ice skating, swimming, inflatables, casino, music, photos, food, games, and prizes - all designed to prevent drinking and other unsafe activities. We want to send a strong message to our students that our community supports safe and healthy choices.

We anticipate hosting about 400 kids for this safe, fun, alcohol and drug-free event from 11pm to 3am. It takes an army of parent volunteers and thousands of dollars to make it a success. Kids have a fantastic time staying up all night with plenty of friends around, things to do, and food to eat while in a safe location, not driving around town.

We would love your support in our efforts to keep teenagers safe on one of the most dangerous nights of the year for high school kids.