Centaurus Safe Night After Prom April 27 2019
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Thank you to our sponsors!!

Warrior Elite ($1000+)

Warrior Red ($500+)

And many thanks to parents and our other generous community supporters!

Who are we?

For 20+ years parents from Centaurus High School have been hosting an After Prom party for our junior and senior students. After Prom is truly a labor of love and a testament to our community’s caring guardianship of its young people.

After Prom is probably the biggest party that a teenager will ever attend. This year CSNAP is partnering with the Lafayette YMCA and the theme is "Space Odyssey". The decorations will be unbelievable! There will be swimming, inflatables, casino, music, photos, food, games, and prizes - all designed to prevent drinking and other unsafe activities. We want to send a strong message to our students that our community supports safe and healthy choices.

We anticipate hosting about 400 kids for this safe, fun, alcohol and drug-free event from 11pm to 3am. It takes an army of parent volunteers and thousands of dollars to make it a success. Kids have a fantastic time staying up all night with plenty of friends around, things to do, and food to eat while in a safe location, not driving around town.

We would love your support in our efforts to keep teenagers safe on one of the most dangerous nights of the year for high school kids.

How do I Volunteer

Set Up & Decorate

Volunteers are needed to unload props and decorations, build, set up, and decorate throughout the day and evening of both Friday and Saturday. Bring a ladder and a smile! We will assign tasks when you arrive!

Feed the Kids

Food donations help to supplement the food that we purchase for the Daddy/Daughter Dance and for After Prom.

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Volunteers are needed to greet the daddies and daughters and facilitate the event on Saturday from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m, with some cleanup from 7:30 - 8:00 p.m. to prepare for the Open House.

Open House

Volunteers are needed to greet guests from the community.

Party Volunteers

Help is needed to staff the various activities throughout the After Prom event.

Join a CSNAP planning committee

Do you think what we are doing is awesome and want to be more involved with planning? Sign up here.

CSNAP what's coming up

Apr. 27 (CSNAP)
Apr. 28 (clean up, done by 6am)
May 4 or 11 (POD packing)

How Do I Make a Senior Poster?
Information for Senior Parents:

    SENIOR PARENTS! We're hosting a workshop to make senior posters for After Prom. Join us on April 6th 11am - 2pm at CHS to make your student's poster! (Bring a 20"x30" red, white or blue posterboard, 15-25 photos of your senior, paper decorations/stickers, scissors, glue stick.)

    PADRES DE ESTUDIANTES QUE SE GRADUARÁN: Estamos organizando un taller para hacer cartulinas para los estudiantes para la fiesta después de Prom. Acompáñenos 6 de abril 11:00am - 2:00pm @ CHS para hacer la cartulina para su hijo/a. (Traiga cartulina de 20x30 inches o más chica (roja, blanca o azul), 15-25 fotos de su estudiante, decoraciones planas: calcomanías y marcadores para decorar su póster y pegamento, tijeras, barra de pegamento.)

Senior Wall Posters Deadline is Friday, April 19th!

    Senior posters are displayed at the Centaurus Safe Night After Prom event at the YMCA Arapahoe Campus in Lafayette. Families are encouraged to attend the After Prom Open House held from 8:00-9:30pm on Saturday, April 27st at the YMCA to see the posters in the Senior Hall. Deadline: Posters must be turned in to the CHS front office by 3:00pm Friday, April 19th!

    Poster Guidelines:

  • Must be no larger than 20X30.
  • Decorations on the posters must be flat.
  • All posters must be laminated -- Morrell Printing in Lafayette laminates and they are a HUGE supporter of After Prom.
  • Please do not use foam board -- it’s too heavy to stay on the wall.
  • Please write student's first and last name and a phone # on the back of the poster, even if their name is displayed on the front.
  • Make photocopies or have duplicates printed of your precious photos.

¡La fecha límite para los pósteres de los estudiantes senior es el viernes 19 de abril!

    Estos pósteres se mostrarán en el evento Centaurus Noche Segura Después de Prom en el Campus de YMCA Arapahoe en Lafayette. Animamos a las familias a asistir a la recepción «Después de Prom» que se celebrará el sábado 27 de abril de 8 00 a 9:30 p.m en YMCA para ver los carteles en la Sala de los Senior. Fecha límite: Los pósteres deben entregarse en la oficina principal CHS antes de las 3:00 p.m. del viernes 19 de abril.

    Normas para los pósteres:

  • No deben superar las dimensiones 20x30.
  • Los adornos en los pósteres deben ser planos.
  • Todos los pósteres deben estar laminados, en Morrell Printing en Lafayette hacen laminados, además de ser un gran patrocinador del After Prom.
  • No usen cartón espuma (foam board) porque es demasiado pesado para que se sujete en la pared.
  • Apunten el nombre y primer apellido de los estudiantes y un nº de teléfono en la parte posterior del póster, incluso si su nombre aparece en la parte delantera.
  • Haga fotocopias o tenga duplicados impresos de sus fotos preciosas.

When is Open House

Open house is April 27th from 8:00pm to 9:30pm
Come and see the decorations and all the hard work put in to make this event happen!