Senior Posters


What is a Senior Poster?

Senior posters are displayed at the Centaurus Safe Night After Prom event at the YMCA Arapahoe Campus in Lafayette.

Deadline: Posters must be turned in to Morrell Printing in Lafayette by 3:00pm Friday, April 23rd!

Senior Poster

How do I Make a Senior Poster?

22 x 28 poster board

name and cell phone on back

15-20 photos, make a collage and add stencils or stickers

Poster Guidelines

  • Must be no larger than 22″X28″
  • Decorations on the posters must be flat
  • All posters must be laminated — Morrell Printing in Lafayette laminates and they are a HUGE supporter of After Prom
  • Please do not use foam board — it’s too heavy to stay on the wall
  • Please write student’s first and last name and a phone # on the back of the poster, even if their name is displayed on the front
  • Make photocopies or have duplicates printed of your precious photos